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Skin Issues
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Hair Growth
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Hoof Issues
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equine NUTRITION - the raw truth


Our team of Equine Epidemiologists daily search University files/archives for studies, clinical trials and research papers to deliver to the people who want to know the facts on equine & canine nutrition & biological processes.

We update our information as new findings are discovered.  We save hundreds of hours of your time by meticulously screening out the small misguided trials often promoted by Social Media groups as 'scientific' evidence to promote their own products.

Are you tired of wasting money on financially driven Social Media groups who promote fads to fill their pockets?  The Nude Horse helps you separate the facts from the fads.

Gut Health
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Integrating the science of epidemiology into equine health 

*Equine Nutritionist data from scientific outcomes on gut health, laminitis, hair & hoof growth & QLD itch

* global clinical trials shared & explained

* Equine nutrition revealed like never before