Did you know a horse not in work loses up to 10 litres a day in sweat! That means losses of 10 grams of Sodium, 10 grams of Chloride, 25 grams of Potassium and 10 grams of Magnesium! 

 A horse in mid range work sweats by comparison 27-43 litres a day.  That means losses of up to 43 grams of Sodium, 71 grams of Chloride, 43 grams of Potassium and 13 grams of Magnesium. CLICK LINK ABOVE TO READ MORE.....

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Nutritional feeding back to basics.  Keeping the diet simple is not only cost effective but stops wastage, over supplementing and creating dramatic imbalances. Find out what nature intended to keep you horse looking and feeling great.  CLICK LINK ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD TO READ.....

EMS is also referred to as Insulin Resistance (IR) and Hyperinsulinemia.  The condition is often triggered by chronic obesity.  Overfeeding of Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC), simple sugars and fructans result in increased uptake of glucose by muscles and adipose tissues.  If this happens in chronic levels, these excess sugars will exceed the fat tissues ability to use and store glucose.  This will result in.... CLICK LINK ABOVE TO READ MORE.....

Trending of late is the use of Pectin-lecithin for equine gastric ulcers.  Read the latest in clinical trial outcomes to discover whether it is successful or not.

The truth about nutrition revealed

Omega 3 and Omega 6 explained, ratio needs for horses, feeds that are too high in Omega 6, and health benefits discussed.  Why feed fish oils to horses - discussion.

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Obesity can lead to Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushings Disease, Insulin Resistance and Hyperinsulinemia usually resulting in Laminitis. Read research outcomes on how to manage high sugar hays/grasses.  Links to further reading listed.

The Nude Horse

Aloe Vera is trending in equine nutrition presently for use in gut related conditions, research and clinical trial reveal some deadly outcomes for some horses.  A direct comparison is made here on the use of marshmallow root with aloe vera.  Loads of additional reading available.

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